From our new President, Gareth Phillips 



You have reached the website of Norwich Welsh Society in Norwich, UK. If you would like to join us or just learn more about us, please contact us Other useful pages; Programme Page

The objects of the Society are: 

(a) To organise gatherings for fostering Welsh culture and promoting friendly intercourse among members, 

(b) To maintain the traditions and customs of Wales, its literature and music. 

(c) To assist Welsh and local needs.


Membership shall normally be confined to those who are Welsh by birth or descent or who are the husbands or wives of such persons. 

Application for membership shall be made to the Honorary Secretary.


 Gareth Phillips

President Norwich Welsh Society 


Please Note


 I would like to take this opportunity to remind everyone that in common with most societies, or  branches; I may keep computer and paper records of your names, addresses and photographs.

     If you are uncomfortable with any of this, please do not provide any data that you wish to remain confidential. If you find anything on the site that you regard as your private personal data please let me know (via the contact form) and I will remove it within 14 days.

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